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New Rep Training! 

Step 1: 
Browse the online website, click on everything. Click on all the tabs to
become familiar with each one. You will need to get your 
ordering schedule
on the Campaign Central Tab where you can find out what is 
happening in
the current campaign. Your home screen is very informative.

Learn more about your online store and even change the name of it so it is
easier to remember and spell. To change the name go to your myaccount tab
and scroll down till you find your online store name. 

You can do imports of your address book as well.

Here is a place to help you think about finding customers and also to keep your customer list. 
Step 2: 
Mark and label all your brochures. You can print out labels if it makes it easier and eventually order a stamp. I use vista print for biz cards, Car magnets  & stamps also. Follow this link for a discount on your first order.  VISTAPRINT

On your brochure label you want to have:
1. your online store link 
2. your phone number 
3. your email
4. and maybe a message about becoming a rep themselves. 

When you shop for labels generally you will get 5260 mailing labels from the dollar store.
You can design and print from and you can store them there too! It takes a little to figure out but it is a great free resource. 

Step 3: Start taking your Avon training classes which are now on youtube and be sure to have first 5 classes done as soon as possible.   Remember the more classes you complete the better your knowledge and to advance your business and earnings. The first 5 classes are approx. 1 hour 27 min. total time to complete 5.

Step 4: 
Work on your who do you know list and prepare to sell, share the opportunity and show. If you like you can schedule a grand opening with friends and family to launch your business. There are online invitations you can print out at our site. You can also sign up for Square (so you can take payments from customers debit/credit cards) Square..
When you start processing payments after signing up using my referral link, we’ll both receive free processing on $1,000 in sales for 180 days.  Another app that I really like is Venmo there are very few fees with Venmo click here to join and we both will benefit with a $5 credit. 
Step 5: 
Goal Setting! It is so important that you have a clear set goal each and every campaign of what your earnings need to be. or what your working towards. Always have a clear road map action plan of how you can achieve it. You cant say I want to sell $500 this campaign and take home $200 without figuring out how many customers or recruits you will need to reach that figure.  You can start with the most simple goals such as gas money, salon money, grocery money to having more extreme plans such as saving up for a vacation or to make car payments etc. etc.    
Step 6: 
LAST but no least FOLLOW UP! YOUR CUSTOMERS HOLD YOUR PAYCHECK!! Call and see everyone you gave books to and start collecting orders.  Your upline should be contacting you within 48 hours of appointment to check on you.
PLEASE call or email  them if you need anything. That is what we are here for.  IN AVON YOUR IN BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF BUT NEVER BY YOURSELF!
Step 7:
Every month Avon has WOW deals where you have 5 or more items for $50. Your cost is $30 so you will make $20. How many of these do you need to sell to reach your goal? Share this with all your friends. 


When you get started you don't generally have alot of books. Print flyers and pass them out to all your neighbors with a note that you are a new rep in their neighborhood. Be sure to list the address of your online store, your email, phone number and date you need to place your order along with when your order will arrive. 
Step 8: Take advantage of the knowledge of
those who are successful!

Lisa Wilber. I follow her on Facebook and she has Monday morning phone webinars on various topics. 
Milagros Garcia is a SEUL with Avon and she has some great tips. Check out her youtube channel.
Molly Stone=Bibb is great as she is a straight talker and she will tell it like it is! 

You should be following me! Join our group on Facebook, and register on this site to follow me. (Print/store online)
Step 9: Follow instructions and ask for help! Communicate and join the team!
It is very important to find out what other people are doing. This is why we go to our team facebook page to share ideas, what we are doing and what is working for us. We can go online and check ourselves on the list to see how we rank on the team!  AvonbyRhonda Team Page

All new people I encourage to go and introduce yourself. Name, Where you live, What you would like to do with Avon, and how you think Avon will work with your family and schedule! 
We are all here to help you grow and succeed. 
Step 10: Don't sell yourself short!
Utilize all opportunities to make money with Avon. Share the fact that others can get started with Avon by going to your online store and clicking on the Boss Life Ad! It is not hard answering any questions that they may have. Definitely share this website, our Team Facebook Page etc. You are not alone we all will be helping with sharing information. You can then work events with your new recruit (good to have someone at the table while the other uses the restroom etc) 
Utilize the fundraiser option to find new customers! Work with your childs school, sport team, dance team, etc to let them earn $$ for what ever they need but also this will grow customers for you! For all info on fundraisers go to youtube and watch videos from Teresa Paul. 
Tip: Naming your online store in Avon 2.0 go to your My Account Tab and scroll down. You can name your store anything you want. Keep it easy to spell and easy to remember. My Avon store is 1beautyboss, some have ShopwithRose, Anewlook, SSS, some have the name of their City!  If you don't have alot of online sales now maybe your should change the name of your store? 
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