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Fundraisers for those special needs!


There are times in your life when you come across a group that needs to raise funds. Maybe it is your baseball team, dance studio, school, or needy family. What if you arranged an Avon Fundraiser. Depending on the cause you can be tax exempt or you just add the local tax to your flyer. 


Maybe your team needs to have a bus for a special trip. Do a fundraiser! Get a flyer for everyone on the team. Have them ask their family and friends to look over the flyers and select the items they want. You collect the money at the time they order and let them know when you will submit the order. Delivery will follow in two weeks! 


Avon's fundraisers are very similiar to the girl scout preorder sale or most grammar school fundraisers! Contact me by filling out the form below!




Avon has available an online fundraiser. You will be provided with a url that is dedicated to your group/fundraiser that will show your progress as you share the store link to your family, friends and social media.  


I can offer you 25% on all Avon core products ie: Makeup, perfume, skincare, jewelry, etc. Products that Avon makes to put into the brochure. Items that are Fashion and Home will be at a lower earnings rate of 20%. 


The responsibilty of the chairperson is to encourage your participants to work at sharing the weblink to friends and family and individuals who support your organization. The more outreach the better the fundraiser will be. You will be able to watch your progress and money earned on your fundraiser page after I set up your fundraiser! This will help you motivate your team to reach your goals!

Also below is the paper fundraisers that require your people to share the flyers and collect orders and $'s as well as the delivery address so your team can return the orders! A little more work but sometimes face to face is better. You can earn 35% on these flyers. Each flyer has an order form on the back side! You can utilize each form of fundraiser if you wish!

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