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Step-by-step. Videos to help you start your business!

I found Lisa on the web and she has a great team called the MoneyMakers! I love the videos that she does so I thought "Why not, no sense re-creating the wheel- she did such a good job on her new rep training videos! 
1. Getting Started with Avon
2. The first steps.
3. I placed an order - now what?
4. Money Management
5. Don't be the silent Avon lady.
6. Avon the good=bad and truth!
7. Tracking your orders...
8. Processing Returns..
Thank you Lisa Monoson of Avon Team MoneyMakers for your informative videos. 

Check out more information from Lisa at her website at


Here I have added a few of my own... step by step orders and invoicing.  Please enjoy the videos and learn alot!


Step by step, placing orders.

Step by step, invoicing customers.

Molly Stone Bib.. love her

Great tips from a seasoned seller! How to find customers. No nonsense.

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