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Find events by going through the internet to see what's happening in what ever town you are in!  


Find your mentor such as Milagros Garcia.

Here is a video of a very successful Avon Representative. Milagros Garcia. Please check out her videos. Click Here

Here is a video on what Milagros takes to her events. Event tools.

What is a try-it kit? Here are downloadable tools to help you build your team Click Here



I think one of the reasons I am successfull is because I work my Avon all the time. I share the Avon opportunity where ever I go! If I head out on vacation my thoughts are, "if I get a recruit here, I can write off a portion of my trip on my taxes! Business meeting!!

  • Always have business cards.

  • Wear Avon

  • Don't pass up an opportunity!

  • Always have books in your car.

  • Sometimes ask a mom and pop store, would you be interested in Avon? It can increase your traffic as people come and go to pick up their orders. (this is also good for salon owners)


Leadership is when bring on people to build your team. When you build a team you build your leadership and motivational skills. You get to see your team grow and duplicate your efforts! It's Amazing. 


If you hear of a Job Fair definately check out the cost. Sometimes even the best job fairs are free for employers. Sometimes we won't be accepted as an employer because we are commission only. But don't spend to much for Events. Most events are about $50 - $150 depending on the size and duration. This is where a team comes in handy! Share! You will want to have at least 1 other person with you anyway to help with bathroom breaks!

Sometimes I will create a coupon for upcoming special product offerings. I will email them out to the team. They are generally in MS Word so you can edit them as you like. It is up to you as to whether you want to use the coupon. I just know that sometimes people love a little discount! 


Avon has specific rules about Brand management. We need to always identify ourselves as an Independent Avon Representative. Click here to make sure you all following the guidelines. 

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