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SELLING AVON – How to sell Avon. Sign Up Online.

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Right now Avon is having issues with their sign up form. Please click the link here to show your interest and I will get you started!

Although you can sell Avon anywhere!

Selling Avon is Rewarding and Fun!

I first started selling Avon when I was in my early 20’s. I had just gotten married and thought it might be something I’d like to do. I am very much an entrepreneurial spirit and I’ve always liked the idea of being my own boss and making my own money.

However, selling Avon it just didn’t work out for me at the time (But wait – keep reading!!!). At that time Avon was so different. We didn't have computers and we turned in a bubble form to a designated porch in our neighborhood!  I got a little sidetracked and I can't even remember how or why I stopped.

So I gave up the idea of selling Avon for myself at that point. I ended up becoming an office manager at a High School.  

After a few years I had an Avon lady drop by and once again I had my Anew face cream that I so loved. My rep would drop by every 3 weeks or so and give me about 3 books which was really confusing because I had to search for the best deal. She was really irregular.  After a few months my girlfriend said that she had started selling Avon so I thought I would sign up under her! 

I have never looked back. I have a team of over 70 reps now and I make over $400 a month. 

Yes – I Do Get It – “But Selling Avon is Hard”

It’s not easy. But it’s not hard. You DO have to put in effort. You can go to a million different Avon rep sites and they’ll all say…
OH it’s so easy – blah blah blah. I think they are just trying to get you to sign up. Me – I’m a little different. To be honest – I really DON’T want you to sign up if you’re going to do absolutely nothing with your Avon business and then complain to me that you aren’t making money. No thanks.  The ONLY way you’re going to make money selling Avon is by working at it. You can’t just throw a few brochures at the local laundromat and think you’re going to make $1000 a month. It’s *not* going to happen.

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What’s in it for Me Then – Why Work at My Avon Business?

-If you’ve not checked out an Avon brochure in years – you should – so many reasonably priced, awesome products. Huge variety!
-Earnings for the what you sell can range form 25% to 50% – if you keep that in mind, it can really add up!
-There are a ton of training topics and videos on Avon’s site and you can earn rewards.
-Having your own business is empowering
-In many cases there are tax savings for having a home business
-Opportunity to build your own team and earn 3 to 9% of their sales, recruiting is fun!
-You have an eRep Avon site, the customer can have products delivered straight from Avon.
-Avon is about getting the products YOU want – so everyone gets to have a personal experience.
-Avon now carries so much variety – you honestly will be shocked. Not just make up and skincare. 

-All of Avon’s  products carry their well known money-back guarantee


Setting Goals for Your Avon Business and Commissions

Like I said before – if you’re not gonna work your Avon business – none of this matters. But if you’re smart about it, study the business structure and go into Leadership as well – there is money to be made. 

Think you want to try? It is free at this moment to start Click here., #side hustle, #entrepreneur, #hard-worker, #sidegig, #workfromhome, #extramoney #2ndjob, #makemoney 

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