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Skin Tone Correctors and Primers. What Are They and Do I Really Need Them?

I have never been much of a makeup gal with tons of steps to my makeup. Avon has had Magix which has been fabulous for smoothing on your makeup with a flawless application. It felt smooth and creamy and protected with a spf. Now Avon has several products from the new partnership with The Face Shop showcasing 4 primers to fix your areas of concern. Lets take a look at each of them and what they will do for you.

WHAT EXACTLY IS A PRIMER? Consider primers your makeup pre-game. They turn your skin into a silky-smooth canvas, keeping makeup in place all day.

There are different kinds of primers for different purposes. They can help to smooth the skin by blurring out fine lines, pores, uneven skin tone and textures, as well as improving foundation wear time.

Tone Up Primer in 4 Shades

Our lumiere Tone Up Primer with iridescent pearl boosts your skin's radiance, making it the choice for dull skin. Each comes in a 1 fl. oz bottle.

Tone Up Primer in Mint – Neutralizes red, blotchy areas.

Tone Up Primer in Pink – Revives skin tone and brightens.

Tone Up Primer in Lavender– Corrects yellowish undertones.

Whatever your skin needs, we’ve got a primer for that. All of our color-correcting Tone Up Primers instantly hydrate and camouflage minor imperfections leaving skin prepped and ready for foundation.

What are the BENEFITS? • Color-correcting • Instantly hydrates • Delicate pearl finish • Provides a smooth, illuminated complexion • Lengthens makeup wear

The primers are currently on sale with Avon for $19 (November 7, 2019) and you can browse the selections at

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