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Avon + LG = Fabulous Changes!

LG based in Korea purchased Avon in 2019. Since then we have been evolving and changing! The most recent change is the combining of with our personal Avon websites at Now there will be no more confusion! Customers searching for Avon will be on the same page as us! I will be looking for new customers and I will be offering discounts and a monthly raffle drawing!

So with my specials and Avon's new Korean makeup and skincare lines joining the tried and true of Avon of 135 years, where can you go wrong? Please take a moment and check out our new Brands that came to us with LG.

So I think it is safe to say, Not Your Gramma's Avon anymore! We still have the most amazing jewelry that lasts forever!

Not only do we have wonderful products but we have a wonderful opportunity to build your own business! Maybe you need to have a tax write off because the kids are no longer a deduction (me, Lol) thus you need a fun business to write off your phone, internet, mileage, personal products and more! Please reach out to me if you want to get started (it's free thru December 31st. All my new sign ups will get some free samples to get started. Go to and join me and my team at Beautyboss Central!

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