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Get Inked with Avon's New Lip Stain and

I love this new lip color! It lasts, it's moist, it has a ton of pigment and great colors!

Think ink! Our lightweight, long-lasting liquid lip stain glides on sleek and dries down to a silky soft matte finish of vivid color. Comes in 18 oz. net wt.

What are the BENEFITS? • Highly-defined lip color • Teardrop applicator holds more product for full, precise application in just one swipe • Available in 8 shades

INK TINT TATTOO TECHNOLOGY • Tattoo Setting - the powder-oil formula glides on lips, locking in pigment while creating a perfectly soft, matte finish.

• Double Color Lock - tinting color stains and coats lips for long-lasting pigment that looks like it was just applied.

• Water-Based Formula - delivers a fresh, cooling sensation that spreads onto the entire pout.

The unique flat-and-square tip on our Flat Velvet Lipstick lines, contours and fills lips effortlessly with brilliant color and a velvety finish–all in just one stroke. The silky texture glides over lips filling up fine lines and creating a smooth, wrinkle-free finish. Plus, the innovative tip prevents colors from feathering or bleeding. Now that's a pro tip. .05 oz. net wt.

BENEFITS • Powdery, velvet matte finish • Visibly smooths fine lines • Contains nourishing argan, calendula, jojoba and olive oil • Tip easily creates smooth lip lines without using a lip brush • Available in 10 highly-pigmented shades

KEY INGREDIENTS • Calendula Oil - derived from marigold flowers, calendula oil has medicinal benefits. • Jojoba Oil - helps keep skin moisturized. • Argan Oil - has nourishing and hydrating effects for deep moisturization. • Olive Oil - acts as an excellent antioxidant.

TO USE Use flat edge to define Cupid's bow and line lips. Coat the remaining lip area to desired coverage level.

If you go to my online store you will see that there are many positive reviews on this one! It is easy to apply and long lasting! Check it out!

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