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We are a fabulous fun team who recruits together to help each other grow our businesses! We share our ideas with each other to help plan!

October 2021

will be my

12 year anniversary with Avon!


The effort you put into Avon will help you build profits and a team! 


I wanted to share with you some of the changes that we are enjoying with “New Avon” that has split from the Avon of the world markets.


We have a new CEO and he has been great. What’s new? We now have an exciting Avon convention every year in August, it is called Repfest! Last year Repfest was in Las Vegas and this year it was in Nashville Tennessee! Avon plans guest speakers to motivate us, training to educate us and they have all the product for the rest of the year and holiday season for us to ooh and ahhh over! 


Avon has special training coming up on Social Media so that we can market our businesses better. The have made preset ads on our social media ap on our phone as well as from the weboffice. So advertising is a breeze!!


New Avon LLC

Avon has incentives: We can win a trip to Hawaii and have all year to work towards it!

We now earn the same on our webstore as we are earning face to face! So if you sell at the 40% level face to face that is what you will earn on all your online sales! Etc. No more fixed 20%.

BONUS; We now have a new healthcare line called Retune.  It is all natural with no gmo ingredients. There is something for everyone in the family! We will earn fully on these products!

We also have Avon Beauty Boxes to boost our sales. Customers can purchase this box for $10 with a $40 purchase! They are so cute! 

No more face to face appointments and buying kits. We direct new people to our online stores and click on the Boss Life advertisement to get started. this is where you fill out the application to start. Your website and online store will be open immediately. You will be encouraged to place your first order online at your online store so you can experience your store as your customer would. You will receive a 25% discount across the board on your first order. If you would like to try New Avon, please click on any of the team members listed below who are growing their teams!  Here are some of my team’s websites: Rhonda new Nani & works fulltime Lupe retired and bilingual Rose Vang speaks Hmong  Annette in Lompoc, CA Xochi bilingual with spanish

Questions? Call me (Rhonda Velasquez) at 559 709-9983 Facebook: Team Page

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​​I started Avon October 2009! I loved Avon products, especially Avon's Anew Skincare line and I couldn't keep a regular representative. 


Now that I am a representative I can see how you can be a little irregular. There is so much going on all the time that it can be hard to keep up! Avon can be very profitable if you put some elbow grease into it and continue to look for ways to grow your business.  Here are a few ways I have used to grow my business.

  • I started, by letting my friends and family know that I was now a rep!

  • I created a spread sheet and flyer. I knocked on doors in my neighborhood and I asked each household, "Hi, I'm the new Avon Rep in the neighborhood. Do you like Avon? (If they said yes) Would you like a brochure on a regular basis? (if they said yes) Can I have your name and phone number? I will be sure to bring you a new book as they come out. Here is my card, call me with any questions or if you would like to order. My order goes in on ______!" 

  • Attached to my book would be a flyer that said something to the same affect. I introduced myself, my online store, shared my phone # and email. I would also have on that postcard size flyer - Did you know it is ony $15 to start your own Avon business? You get your own website and online store! Sell to your family and friends where ever they live and earn!

  • I would browse the web for events that come to town. I would call the organizer and ask if they were going to have local Venders there and if so how much were the spots to set up. (I would want to have a folding table - Walmart $35, and a folding metal chair - Walmart $12, Black tablecloth - Walmart twin size sheet $5.00​ You can get table runners from Town and Country. It is worth the $25 to have at least 1. It makes your table look professional. You can ask me about banners - Vistaprint!

  • Don't forget school carnivals and offering your child's school, dance studio, sports coach the Avon Fundraiser. You will send a order form with each kid on the team and they will share with their family and friends (your new customers) the Avon products. You can find out more about fundraisers on the Avon website under the Earnings tab.

  • Join some networking groups. Post on Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, all the social media you can keep up with! If needed follow me and see what I do. Repost on your site what I post on mine! 


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